Floor Sanding Essex

Floor Sanding Essex

Our wooden floor sanding method has continuously been improved on and practiced. Our expertise and equipment make us the first choice for floor sanding and floor restoration in Essex.

If you happen to live in an apartment complex or shared flat, it would be nice to warn your neighbours about the floor sanding project you’ve got going on. These top quality machines are often quite loud and can without a doubt disturb any neighbours.


Our Floor Sanding Process

Depending on the condition of your solid wood floor, we’ll begin with a rough abrasive. This is normally a 40 grit however with old floors that are badly stained, discoloured or coated in paint; we’ll bring out the big guns, the 24 grit. This can clean most of the paint and stains however it leaves the floor with slightly rough finish.

It is a good idea to work through a range of sandpaper grits to reveal a perfectly sanded hardwood floor. Bit by bit we will work our way from 40 to 60 and eventually to the 80 grit paper. In between every switch of grit size, we will clean the floor to prevent any scratches. We know that a 40 grit granule caught beneath a 60 grit belt will cause some serious harm to the floor.

Once we have gone through all of the coarse sanding stages, we’ll be able to move onto the finish-sanding step. This stage is where we take the rough look of the floor and give it a flawless, smooth, sanded finish.
As well as this, you will need to pick up some ear protection and dust masks. All of our qualified wood floor sanding team members are going to be wearing ear protection and face masks, so don’t be alarmed if you happen to walk in on them and they look like a hazmat team.


The Best Sanding and Floor Restoration Equipment

floor sanding Essex
Using the most effective equipment to sand your wood flooring is crucial in making certain an even, smooth texture. This is often why we tend to solely use the very best quality German made “Hummel” and Swedish designed “Bona” for our wood floor sanding services.

A superior sanding machine in the hands of 1 of our trained sanding professionals is a deadly combination. As a result, your wooden floor can come out smooth, even and ready for the best finish you have ever witnessed. Floor sanding is our specialty and our London floor sanding team don’t cut any corners. We will make sure we remove any nails or staples before sanding and use only the correct sanding paper. At the end of the day, our team will get you the results you have only dreamed about.